Amarider Trail Tag Timing System

Runners will be timed with an Amarider Trail Tag and timing data will be streamed live on If you have a permanent Amarider Trail Tag from previous events please bring it along to the event.

Runners also have the option of renting a temporary Amarider Trail tag at R20 and will be given to you at registration with your race number. The temporary tag will be taken off at the finish line. Or buy one for R100 which is valid for all Dirtopia and Amarider associated events.

Remember NO Trail Tag - NO Time.

Wear the tag around your right wrist like a watch. Not around your ankle please.

1. Only run with your own TrailTag
2. Please return your rental tags at the finishline, staff will assist
3. The reader is powerful enough to read through arm warmers etc.


PLEASE NOTE: All results will be finalized by the Tuesday after the event. No enquries will be taken after that. All enquiries must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 2 days after the event. We will not respond to any messages/enquries on social media. Please email us!

A briefing will take place 5 minutes before the start - runners must stay on the marked trail or will be disqualified. Listen to the briefing at the start which route to follow. Do not turn unless there is an arrow. Follow signs in front of you!




All our Trail Runs are linked with Discovery Vitality. Join us and earn points. All you need to do is rent or buy a tag in order for us to send your results to Discovery. Please ensure your Amarider profile medical aid details are updated and correct.  Remember to tag at the finish. If your results are not displayed on please contact us via email within two days after the event to ensure you receive your points.